Located at the heart of the Chianti Classico, one of the world’s most famous wine regions, the Castagnoli estate reflects on a rich history. First mentioned in 987 AD, Castagnoli had served as an abbey over centuries until it became the home of a Florentine noble family. Tucked into a hillside ca. 400 meters above sea level and surrounded by its own vineyards, Castagnoli boasts not only delicious wines but also guarantees spectacular views and sunsets.

Today, its agricultural tradition is honored by a strict focus on biological principles and techniques. In that way, Castagnoli became known for its superb wines of Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah type as well as its natural and intensive olive oil. 

The south and southwest facing vineyards and olive groves are framed by traditional Tuscan stone walls, whereas chalk and silt-containing clay forms the foundation for growth. Our precious products originate from 13.5 hectares of wine and 4,000 olive trees scattered across the 80-hectare estate. 


The former country home of a noble family, Castagnoli directly overlooks its own vineyards as well as its territory. Today, its hillside is fully covered by wine and olive trees. 



San Gimignano is one of the famous villages in the vicinity of the Castagnoli estate – and proof of the former prosperity of the region. The view on its towers from Castagnoli is best in the morning.



As a pioneer in Tuscany, the Castagnoli team has strictly focused on biological principles. The full exclusion of any form of chemicals or pesticides allows us to capture the true Tuscan taste in every bottle of wine.